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Technology Services


In οur channel in YOUTUBE you will watch video excerpts from the services from the following services we provide to our guests and informative videos

Video Calls
In our units there is the ability of communication of relatives with their loved ones through video calls. More specifically, the services of Skype, Viber and Messenger are used, in agreement with the unit’s management to schedule the date and time based on a weekly timetable.

Bike Memories
An innovative entertainment service is implemented in our units, which is mainly addressed to people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia related conditions. More specifically, through individual sessions lasting 10 minutes, the patient receives audiovisual stimuli from a modern television medium, while at the same time riding a static bike which operates manually and/or on foot. In collaboration with an external partner, the audiovisual material is created, which contains pleasant memories of the individual’s past, based on a questionnaire completed by the guest and/or his/her relatives.

Virtual Reality
During ¨THE VIRTUAL REALITY MEMORIES service which is implemented in our facilities our guests watch vr and 3d videos of maximum duration 5 minutes through a virtual reality mask. these videos contain favorite destinations, favorite activities, virtual historical travel, archaeological tours etc.

The Dementia Comic Creation Service
During this service the guests in our units participate with the ongoing help of our nursing staff, in the creation of sketches and dialogues for the animation of significant historic events which will in turn become comics.

The Drive Memories Service
Coming Soon…

The Gastronomy Memories Service
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Other Services